Our Usability and User Experience Services

The User Experience (UX) team at Mediacity offer different kinds of user centered design and testing services.

As humans most of us use some kind of technology every day in our life. We communicate with technology trough its interface. The interface can be things like a web-page, a ticket vending machine, the buttons and displays on your dishwasher or a complete control panel for a power plant. Some technology feels good and easy to use, and some is just hard to understand or does not work as we would like. Our job is to find out what works and what does not - from the user's perspective.

In User Centered Design we find out things like:

  • The Buiness goals with the product.
  • The user’s needs and goals with the product.
  • The user's mental model, how the user thinks it should work.

We can then test how well these needs and goals are met in a situation, service or product. After testing we can pinpoint possibilities for improvement if needed.

Testing User Experience throughout the development process provides valuable feedback on what works and what doesn't, and most importantly - why or why not.

Knowing this in the development process helps to create a better experience for the user. In short, a better product.

Our usability personnel are Certified Usability Analysts (CUA) by Human Factors International.

  • For more information about our commercial usability and user experience services, please visit lab.mediacity.fi

  • To find out more about User Experience research, please visit our research page.

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Joachim Majors

Customer Relations / CUA
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Sören Andersson

UX developer / CUA
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Joachim Högväg

Method dev. / CUA
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