Horizon 2020 is here!

Today EU’s new framework program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, is being launched. At MediaCity Michaela Esch is very excited about the new program and the upcoming opportunities – 70 billions of them. Michaela works with project funding and she is always on the lookout for funding opportunities.

Horizon 2020 takes over from the FP7, which was the old framework program. The countries in the European Union face major challenges in the future.

– Europe has been falling behind compared to USA and Asia. We need to regain our competitiveness and make Europe into a world-class science performer, Michaela states.

An update from the old program to Horizon 2020 is the increased focus on small and mid-sized companies. The collaboration between universities and companies are very important. To be able to apply for funding you need to have at least three partners from different countries, but the consortiums are usually larger.

– MediaCity is working hard to find partners, and we do our best to demonstrate what we and our expertise can contribute to a consortium. Horizon 2020 contributes in many ways to the internationalization of the universities in Europe and this is a good thing.

Horizon 2020 has three main focus areas: Top research, industrial leadership and societal challenges. It is very important as a researcher to read entire calls that can be up to a 150 pages. But Michaela Esch finds it interesting and exciting.

– It is great to see that Horizon 2020 is investing in the collaboration between companies and universities. Companies are going to be interesting partners to every university. It is also fun that cross disciplinary research is highlighted.

Michaela enjoys her work at MediaCity thanks to all the possibilities it gives. That moment when she finds a new angle is what’s driving her at work. When she isn’t at work looking for new funding opportunities, she likes to make a nice dinner and enjoy it with a glass of wine with friends. Now during Christmas times she is acting as a Christmas police, since she doesn’t care much for Christmas decorations, but her family loves them.

Michaelas’ advice for Horizon 2020:

  1. READ the calls
  2. Find partners, join consortia.
  3. Apply for projects.


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