Sorting out the digital

Blog post by Kimmo Rautanen, Executive Manager, MediaCity.

Among the buzzwords today, digitalisation must surely be one of the most powerful. Digitalisation comes in many ways, and thus affects almost every aspect of our lives - the way we work, learn, live and enjoy ourselves. It´s much more than simply converting analog data into digits - we may encounter it in tangible shapes such as new services and devices, but we may just as likely feel it as a consequence of data being processed en masse, leading to outcomes we cannot control in the situation. And it´s not just the tools we work with that change - it´s the work itself; tasks, job descriptions, even organisations.

At MediaCity we´ve been looking at digitalisation for some 15 years now - from a special angle; the human one. Our focal point is the meeting between people in different roles, technology and context. We´re interested in their experience, and in how to design digital content for a better experience. This has led us in many a fascinating direction, especially since we started harnessing the power of storytelling in the creation of good experiences. And as a bonus, we get to tweak our methods a little each time, pushing the border of new knowledge further as we go.

Our latest advances lie in the field of digital solutions for wellbeing - in the shape of apps that encourage senior citizens to move about actively - and our next steps will be developing a user centered design model for game development and creating novel strategies for engagement in social innovation processes. This will be accomplished together with partners ranging from researchers to NGO:s and regional development authorities - and yes, digital solutions will feature in the actual projects, not only as results.

On top of this, we´re always looking for new challenges. Do you have some problem in store?

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