Staff presentation: Always trying to find new possibilities

Simon Staffans is a content developer at MediaCity and he is a busy man. Right now he is working with five different TV formats, the Energy Ambassador campaign promoting the energy cluster in Ostrobothnia, and travelling around the globe sharing his expertise in lectures and keynotes. This week he will attend MIPCOM in Cannes, France, an event where over 13 000 delegates participate in selling and buying TV and movie content, formats of different kinds and cross media productions.

– We will attend MIPCOM with the aim to market our formats and attend meetings with distributors and future business partners. MIPCOM is also one of the best possibilities to gauge which way the media industry is heading right now, what the trends are and what the future might hold.

Staffans has also been appointed media expert in the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission. The added international visibility is a good thing for MediaCity and the university.

– This is a benefit for both MediaCity and Åbo Akademi. Our network expands and MediaCity Finland becomes more well-known, nationally and internationally. The university benefits from it because I can find new possibilities for collaborations with other universities. For example, last week on my lecture tour in Europe I came in contact with the university in Tallinn and research units in both Germany and France.

Staffans enjoys the challenges of his job and with over twenty years of experience in media he can find creative solutions to different problems.

– My drive in this job is to find new things, new possibilities and new audiences. You must look over the horizon to see what's behind, he says.

All is not job-connected though. When Simon Staffans isn’t working or travelling around the world he loves spending time with his family, go fishing, biking, running and swimming and cheer on Liverpool FC.

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