Yvonne Backholm is in a summer mood and ponders the power of storytelling

Foto: Sören Andersson

Maybe it is the light summer nights or sitting by the midsummer bonfire sharing stories with friends that has inspired me to think about storytelling. I know for sure that I got inspired by the people from Torino Film Lab, who visited MediaCity and our event MindClub a few weeks ago to reflect on the role of storytelling in business and in our region´s energy cluster.

The ancient art of storytelling is ever present in our lives  - today more than ever. Not only do we consume and - perhaps interact with - a vast amount of stories told by others on a wide range of platforms, but we constantly produce and share stories from our own lives on the very same platforms. For those of you interested in the story of my life, it is easily accessable on facebook, Twitter, Instagram; Pinterest, my travel blogs and so on, so it is almost difficult for you to escape what I had for dinner last night – if you choose to follow me.

Given this fact, storytelling is increasingly used in advertising  in order to build customer loyalty. This marketing trend echoes the deeply rooted need of all humans to be entertained. Stories are illustrative, easily memorable, and allow any company to create stronger emotional bonds with the customers.

Let me draw your attention to a case from our region. The Vaasa region has the biggest cluster of energy technology companies in the Nordic countries. To highlight this a campaign called The Energy Ambassador has been launched. An energy ambassador is chosen to travel the globe to tell the stories of how the energy technology from our region is used worldwide to provide sustainable energy solutions. The campaign uses transmedia/multiplatform storytelling to ensure a high level of visibility, engagement and social sharing. It is funded by the technology companies in our region and to me it is a very good example of how traditional industry meets the creative industries – with storytelling at the very core of it.

Later this year we will all be able to follow the stories of how the innovations from this region travel the globe – through the eyes of the energy ambassador Pentti Itkonen.



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