Kimmo Rautanen Director

What I do at MediaCity? As Director, my task is to look forward, make sure we´re in tune with the times and our surroundings, and that we have the means to do what we aim to do.
I'm really good at Putting together the big picture – directions, processes, strategies, plans, budgets and such – and then altering it when new pieces come along. Words and numbers are my friends.
And when i'm not working I´m enjoying life from an armchair - good things such as books, music, arts, wine – and collecting things.


+358 50 3491 239

Yvonne Backholm Deputy Director

What I do at MediaCity? I am the deputy director at MediaCity. I have my head in the future of the digital business and my feet on the ground of the everyday doings.
I'm really good at project management and international relations. Formulating strategies, focusing activities and communicate them to staff members and strategic partners. I am also really good at getting people to work . I like to work with people, not with structures. .
And when i'm not working I really enjoy travelling, good food and wine, jogging, cultural events, spending time with family and friends.


+358 50 5218 716

Experience Lab

Joachim Majors - Customer Relations / CUA

What I do at MediaCity? I'm a certified usability analyst and I help companies create great usable products with good user experience
I'm really good at Usability and UX of course, i'm also quite skilled in the art of Bowling and Billiards.
And when i'm not working I tend to polish my skills at web design, carpentry (house renovation) and dog whispering.


+358 50 5781 088

Sören Andersson - Developer/ Lab tech. / CUA

What I do at MediaCity? Developing new methods and tools for the MediaCity User Experience and usability lab.
I'm really good at Understand the technology behind every product together with understanding the users need making a good user experience.
And when i'm not working hitting a plastic ball or feather ball is fun. And for the moment restoring an old mahogany boat from the 60´s. Bsc in Information Technology and Certified Usability Analyst. In progess.... Master degree in embedded systems


+358 50 5118 379

Joachim Högväg - Method developer / CUA

What I do at MediaCity? I figure out how to test User Experience in diffrerent situations and then I do it.
I'm really good at Cognitive Science.
And when i'm not working I I'm composing music, flying aircraft simulators, taking care of my old boat or I watch movies and drink wine.


+358 50 5915 236

Susanne Hägglund - UX Researcher

On maternity leave
My role is the one of the air control tower at the content testing unit of MC. I also devote a nice chunk of my time to research within the field of Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience.
I'm really good at Unravelling connections. I’m a marvel at prying into people’s day-to-day experiences; uncovering needs, desires and spotting consequences of every little thing they do.
And when i'm not working I run a permacultural garden, knit and dream of playing the piano at Carnegie Hall.


+358 50 5581 188

Anette Bengs - UX Researcher

On maternity leave


+358 50 3131 952