We're all branding agents now

What's behind the bad reputation suburbs usually suffer from? Who's to blame for the negative branding associated with certain postal codes? When signing up for the Ministry of Environment's networking event for researchers on the topic of cities, we were prompted on the delicate issue on why some local city areas are labelled as problematic. Some 80 persons all related to residential areas in one form or another in their work ticked the boxes. One clear factor was identified: the media.

MediaCity's User Experience research featured in new book

Our colleagues Researcher Annika Wiklund-Engblom and Method Developer/CUA Joachim Högväg contributed in a recently published book. The book title is "Current Trends in Eye Tracking Research", and is edited by Mike Horsley, Natasha Toon, Bruce Knight and Ronan Reilly. They wrote a paper on our User Experience research titled "The Quest for Integrating Data in Mixed Research: User Experience Research Revisited".  The book is published by Springer.