The storyteller evolved - the fluid and authentic validator

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking at the Documentary Campus Masterschool in Cologne. I’d been asked to speak about things transmedia (which is a term I still find myself using, not for pitching but definitely in my own development work) and multiplatform, and how to use these methods and ways of thinking to engage with an audience in a fruitful way. I thought I’d share part of what I was talking about, which ties into things I’ve written about earlier on this blog.

INPUT 2014 – some thoughts

I’ve spent a couple of days at the INPUT 2014 conference in Helsinki, Finland, together with 800 people predominantly from the public service media sector from all around the world. It’s been a couple of days of very in-depth looks at projects from different fields and different territories. I’ve stayed true to the cross-media track at the conference, since I’m very interested in seeing how the traditional TV world is approaching the challenges today’s media world brings.

For those about to embark on something transmedia, we salute you

The year has started briskly with a number of articles talking about 2014 as the year of the tipping point. Finally the audience is in place (granted, it has probably been in place for quite some time already) but even more crucially, the entertainment industry is poised to take advantage of this, by moving into the creation of story worlds and franchises in an even bigger way than before.

Staff presentation: Always trying to find new possibilities

Simon Staffans is a content developer at MediaCity and he is a busy man. Right now he is working with five different TV formats, the Energy Ambassador campaign promoting the energy cluster in Ostrobothnia, and travelling around the globe sharing his expertise in lectures and keynotes. This week he will attend MIPCOM in Cannes, France, an event where over 13 000 delegates participate in selling and buying TV and movie content, formats of different kinds and cross media productions.

Yvonne Backholm is in a summer mood and ponders the power of storytelling

Foto: Sören Andersson

Maybe it is the light summer nights or sitting by the midsummer bonfire sharing stories with friends that has inspired me to think about storytelling. I know for sure that I got inspired by the people from Torino Film Lab, who visited MediaCity and our event MindClub a few weeks ago to reflect on the role of storytelling in business and in our region´s energy cluster.

Audience engagement on the rise

Adam Sigel was tasked with leading the one week Writer’s Room workshop that Torino Film Lab held at MediaCity’s premises in Vasa, Finland 10-16 June. Adam is a writer, producer, content strategist and content creator from LA. He's worked with Disney Online, Sony and Steven Spielberg and is currently manager and owner at Cutbait Productions, working on multiplatform and transmedia projects.

Audience participation – the changing role of the Author

I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity this week to attend the Torino Film Lab and their Writer’s Room workshop here in Vaasa, Finland. The workshop – focusing on two transmedia projects – bring together the two creators, three experts and three people representing the TFL itself, for some quite intensive workshopping around the two ideas. This week we – i.e. the company I work for, MediaCity Finland – act as hosts for the workshop.

The Energy Ambassador 2013 – MediaCity builds the story

MediaCity is proud to have been selected as a partner in the ”Energialähettiläs 2.0” project. Building on the success of the first instalment of the campaign in 2012, MediaCity’s role in this year’s campaign is that of the storyteller; building the foundation for the worldwide trek the Ambassador will experience later in 2013. Storytelling is at the heart of most of MediaCity’s activities, be it format development, TV production or UX research.